Japanese Android Games

I had been an avid gamer in the past and even now, I play games from time to time. After playing some console and PC games, I decided to try android games. However, these games are from Japan and they use the so called “Gacha” system.

So what is this gacha system? Have you heard about those so called gachapon in Japan were you place a token on a vending machine and get random stuff (most of these gachapon capsules are toys). In these android games they use this same system and use real money currency in order to get “Rare” items, equipment and even characters.

One good example of these android games that I had played lately is FGO or Fate Grand Order. This game is inspired by the Fate Stay Night Series on which servants (heroes from different era) are summoned to fight for your side. These servants have rarity levels called stars. The ordinary servants are mostly 1-3 stars while 4-5 stars are considered “Super Rare”.

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It might surprise you but some people spend hundreds even thousand of dollars in order to use the gacha system just to get those super rare characters and equipments. As for me, if possible I try not to spend too much on them because “you can get addicted” and it would be difficult to stop yourself from spending.

A good number of my friends had also played FGO and some of them spent a LOT just to become strong in this game. Unfortunately, some are lucky and some are not. We have a term when playing these games with gacha and it's called the “Greed Sensor”. For some reason, people who are aiming for the super rare items often get “low leveled” items despite how much they spend on the game.

One of my friends even quit playing entirely because he was so frustrated after spending a few hundred dollars in the game and didn't get the character he was aiming for. Since then, he abstained from playing anything related to android games for a while.

Of course, playing these games in Japanese is not for everyone. It's quite difficult to play these type of games unless there is someone to teach you the mechanics on how it works. The good news is that some of these android games are being translated in English and it has already made its way to other countries as well

One good example is the current game that I had been playing called Valkyrie Connect. This game is fun, challenging and it might make you want to spend some money while playing it. Ok, I'll be honest, I already threw a bit of money in this game because it is quite interesting (I hope I don't throw in MORE in the future).

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With a good combination of MMPORG, PVP, Boss Hunting, Chat, Cool looking and adorable characters, these android games are very VERY hard to resist for casual and regular gamers (like me). If you are interested you might want to give these games a try.

Just remember, try to do everything in moderation. When I say everything… I mean playing and spending real money on the game. It might be hard once you get hooked in it, but whether you intend to spend money on these games or not, only time and your wallet can tell

Well then, Join me again next time! じゃまたね!