As much as I am still in love in Studio Ghibli Films, I couldn't ignore the fact of how Makoto Shinkai painted each of his master pieces the way Miyazaki wouldn't. I would agree though that classic is still the best and Miyazaki has already contributed too much in this industry, I can call him a LEGEND and no one will bat an eye. However, one of the reason why I am leaning towards Shinkai more as of right now (just saying this can still change) is because of my own preference with respect to art. I could also say that I shouldn't compare both since most of their films usually depicts different worlds Miyazaki for Fantasy and Shinkai for Alternate Reality (?)--And what reality it is.

Currently famous for his current film "Kimi ni Nawa" or "Your Name", Makoto Shinkai finally broke his own record and one of Miyazaki's in the current All Time Office ranking (don't worry, Spirited Away is Still number one) much to the fans delight and disappointment. Shinkai, who is also amazed by the response of the current film was now being called the New Miyazaki of which he said is overwhelming (hate to break it to you Sensei, but you're Amazing).

Back to his Art, one of the difference between Miyazaki and Shinkai aside from its worlds is their art form. Now, Makoto Shinkai is either dubbed as "The New Miyazaki" or the "Modern Miyazaki" simply because his art form fits this generations preference of animation. This is also the main reason why I dig Makoto Shinkai, his visuals especially the sceneries are breathaking, it's reality is surreal you will doubt that it was based on a certain place in Japan. Also, despite its uncanny resemblance to Japan's places, it will still leave you a sense of fantasy and magic making it more special. Not to mention the drama and the significance of these places in the story.

As I said a while ago, Makoto Shinkai's Kimi no Nawa has been breaking records here and there inside and outside Japan much to his fan's delight and disappointment. A lot of Shinkai's fans argued that this is not his usual plot format comparing his other films such as 5 centimeters per second, Voices of a Distance Stars, and The Garden of Words. Many of them are pointing out that Kimi no Nawa has the most basic boy-meets-girl Shinkai has ever made, since he tends to focus on more complex relationship. They also added that, Kimi no Nawa has far too many trending points that the fans weren't surprise that it was hit anymore.

However, trending or not, I'd like to point out that despite its cheerful plot (or ending rather), I still felt Sensei's touch with respect to its usual tone and flow. Also, his 3D shots are still beyond impressive and the skyline of which I could say is one of his signatures makes you dream. Hit or not, Makoto Shinkai's work will take you somewhere else. It will always give you this feeling of nostalgia, and a tinge of regret leaving you wanting for more.

Mashiiro xoxo
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