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  • Do you like Japanese guy?

    There are so many Japanese female and western male couples everywhere.
    But I haven’t seen opposite way, I mean Japanese male and western female. Why so?
    I just wonder Japanese man is not attractive enough for western woman?? Why??

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    I think one problem with Japanese guys is they are too shy to approach Western women, even if they are on a date with a western girl its usually the western girl that has to make the first move!
    I have gone out with Japanese guys a couple of times and its always been me that has to gets things moving

    Here's an article I found that gives you more info What’s Dating Like in Japan for Foreign Women?


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      I see. Maybe you are right, we are too shy. Western girls like someone who have initiative, right?

      I try to have initiative, when I have chance to meet western girls.

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        Unless the Japanese guy has done some traveling I think it might be difficult to keep conversations going for any period of time. The average overworked, over stressed salaryman's lifestyle is not likely to excite many western women unfortunately


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          My European girl friends say it's not like they don't like Japanese men, it's just that they are more into tall not so muscular men in short, Caucasian. For my European male friends, many of them like Asians because they find them cute.