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  • Do you know 100yen Shop?

    One of the shops I really proud of in Japan is 100yen shop.
    If you never been there before, please visit there when you are staying in Japan.
    It’s worth to visit
    I am sure you will be shocked how much varieties products in there.
    Lots of stationaries, foods, plates, batteries, kitchen appliances, cleaning tools, party goods etc.
    Actually you should bit be careful about the shop, because even though you don’t have anything to buy in your mind, you might end up to buy 10-20 stuffs easily.
    When I took my Australian friends in there, she was sooo excited, and she bought lots of stationaries at there, pen, note, sticker, etc.
    At the time, I was wondering why she was so excited and buy such a thing which she can buy anywhere. However, I did realized we can’t buy anywhere.
    Daiso is popular 100yen shop, now they are in Korea, China etc.
    But, my favourite 100yen shop is Serina. Serina has more fancy goods than Daiso.
    I wish there are 100yen shop anywhere.

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    For the traveller in Japan, 100 yen shop is fantastic! some of the goods are reasonably quality, much better value than 2 dollar shops in other countries


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      Yes, I agree with you. What I feel about 100 yen shop is that it is an institution in Japan. They make it possible to buy everyday items for only 100 yen (108 Yen, with tax). They have wide variety of products which are really impressive. Also, I have seen many everyday items often of equal quality to that of the usual retail outlets, but 2 to 5 times less expensive!

      While traveling in Japan, the 100 yen shop is a good option to get supplies of drinks during a walk and also to find small gifts and typical Japanese souvenirs that will please your friends and family. For example sushi keychains, cups with Mount Fuji on, and so on. The most interesting part is that they are located mostly in shopping malls adjacent to the neighborhood stations in major Japanese cities.


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        Everyone I know who has visited Japan loves 100 yen shops. They are considered the single best place for buying loads of souvenirs. And they really do have a huge variety of stuff. You can get a Hello Kitty shower cap, a bag of novelty sweets and some cute chopsticks all in the same place; perfect for a quick souvenir run for all your friends and family, and at an affordable price.
        I agree with Lee88, that the quality is much better than you might find in cheap stores back in your home country. I've bought many sturdy mugs and other kitchenware that I am convinced would have broken or worn out long before if I'd bought them in the UK at a pound shop. And you can buy such beautiful mugs and bowls, too...
        I think they're easy to find, too, Ankut Gupta. You pretty much can't walk around a main shopping area without falling over one, particularly Daiso. Daiso is everywhere, but I don't mind because it's my favorite 100 yen shop!


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          I've always been interested in these 100 yen shops. Even here in our country we have these so called "Daiso" and I often visit them to find some interesting ingredients that are exclusively from Japan. Snacks from Japan like "Pocky" and the likes are some of my favorites. I also bought a few chopsticks and practiced for a few days. For some reason, I was able to learn on how to use it after three days *flips hair*. There are other interesting items that you can only find on these stores and they are "very cheap". Well I'm not a cheapskate but hey! If i can get things for a cheaper price then why not? Without a doubt, these 100 yen stores are a godsend!