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  • What will you buy in Akibahara if you need to choose only one kind?

    So I'm wondering since I can buy a lot of things in Akiba from Manga, Light Novels to gadgets and costumes.If you're just going to pick one, which of them is probably you're best bet? I'm about to go there by April so I want to know so that I can optimize my shopping list. Which of them is a bad idea to buy there. I heard that some of the gadgets there are more expensive than usual, but that doesn't make sense since most of the gadgets are made in Japan so if you disregard the transportation cost and the taxes, its supposed to be cheaper. Was that even true?

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    Hmm I'd love to buy catgirls and maids from Akihabara...joke! Well since Akibahara has gained the reputation of being the center of "Otaku Culture" in Japan, there are many interesting things to buy there. Manga, anime, doujins *cough cough*, light novels, anime cd's, music, gadgets etc. But if I have to choose only one... I'd choose some anime figurines. I'm a big gundam fan and I would love to display one or two of those amazing figures in my room. I've always wanted one and I think I'll get one if i ever get the chance to visit Akihabara. Hopefully, I will be able to get them for a cheaper price because they are quite expensive.


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      Yes!I know, they're so expensive. :'( That's why I'm rethinking of which to buy. Because I could've bought a lot of Mangas, Light Novels and Doujin's (coughs* with you) if I wont buy them. Also, do you happen to know if the shops there sells Mangas, LN, etc in English? Because if not, I guess, I will go to your choice, buy the figures!


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        Hmmm I think there are some shops who sells Manga and LN's in English, although they're only a handful (I'm not really sure about this). About doujins *cough cough* yes, you need to think "thrice" if you are going to buy them and if you do, make sure that you store them in a safe and secure place to avoid any "unnecessary accidents". Figurines are nice because they are great decorations and you can even brag to your friends for having a few of them in your room. Of course if you happen to meet a true collector, you might feel that your collection is abysmal compared to theirs. But then again, it's the thought that counts and having a few is better than having none at all


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          Is there anyone who can help us name the shops of which sells Mangas, LNs and doujins (cough* loudly*) in English?


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            I don't know if this will help you but...

            *cough cough* Here you go

            I don't know if they have English manga, LN's and doujins...but try to visit these places and perhaps some of them have what you're looking for. Best places to go are Akiba (Akibahara) and perhaps along Shinjuku area. Although I admit that you'll find lots of manga stores in these places, the chances of them having English ones are not too high. But! As long as you are willing to search, you will find them. Of course if all else can always find the things you need at "Sad Panda" *cough cough*.


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              Akihabara is the place for me as I can find Anime, manga, doujins *cough cough*, anime, cd's, music, gadgets and many other electronic stuffs at low (sometimes reasonable) price.

              Click image for larger version

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              But, If I have to choose only one then I will go for mobiles as I have a hobby of buying and collecting various kinds of mobiles. Even if I don't use it, I like to collect various versions of unique mobiles. ( weird stuff! )


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                Akash Singh :O That's a really expensive thing to collect! So, there are cheap gadgets too. Do you have any store suggestions of which I can avail cheaper gadgets? How about their Cameras?

                Louie Thank you for the link! Of course Sad Panda is the answer! Hopefully there will be some english ones in your list. I'll update this, once I get there, for future (doujins *cough*) purposes.


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                  tsubaki nakajima Well, My favorite shop for such things is U-shop in Akihabara. Its on the backside of Softmap and in front of turkish kebab store. Till now, I have got my best and the cheapest deals from there. The shop guy is generous and gives you discount if you regularly buy from there. They also give 1 month warranty for almost every product.