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  • Favourite Japanese music

    I haven't seen a post about music on here yet, and I'm looking for some suggestions of bands to listen to, or maybe any good Japanese radio that I could listen to online. I'm not very interested in traditional Japanese music, so maybe you could post that elsewhere! I like pop, some anime songs, sometimes a bit of rock. Although I can give a pass to AKB48 and Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, they're a bit cutesy for me. Kyary also has that Lady Gaga, slightly eccentric vibe to her.

    Some of my favourite ones so far are anime songs, here's a rough top 3, but it's not in order:
    Yakusoku wa Iranai sung by Maaya Sakamoto from Escaflowne (this ones old, but it's a classic)
    Zankoku na Tenshi from Evangelion (another classic)
    Guren no Yumiya from Attack on Titan (a newer one but it's really dramatic so it's awesome)

    Add yours below!

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    If I could recommend a band in the rock genre, I could say I'll pick One OK Rock! I like their lyrics and sometimes Taka sings in English too! Another voice that I like is Egoist, I knew them through Guilty Crown.


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      I like anime Rave's Intro music! It gives that hynoptic feel effect for the strings part.


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        Favorite Japanese Music? Of course anime, game themed music. Some of my favorite songs include Happy Song (Miku), Butterfly (Digimon), Go! by Flow (Naruto), Remember by Flow (Naruto), Tsukiakari no Michishirube (Darker than Black), Inori (Romeo x Juliet), Make a Wish (Pokemon Movie), Go my Way (Idolm@ster), Be Loud (Deardrops), Imagination Forest (Mekaku City Actors), VIP (Magi), 1/3 Junjou na Kanjou (Samurai X), Rashisa (Super Beaver), Ai Kotoba (Shounen T Version)...argh too many to list! *cough* Although I can't name them all, I do appreciate them and I even get their lyrics so I can sing them on our groups karaoke session.


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          Those all sound awesome, guys. That's really given me a hankering to go listen to some anime music...
          I didn't think about karaoke, Louie. That's something I should do with my favourite songs when I go to Japan - I bet Guren no Yumiya would be awesome. I'd probably need to print out the lyrics though, probably even practice beforehand, ha ha. How come you can do Japanese karaoke? It didn't sound like you were in Japan. I'm jealous!


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            I really used to like Jpop music girl band concepts but they are so into mannequin like expressionless faces. You only have JAV industry and the chikans to blame for such fetishes. I'm more into Kpop now. As can be seen by my profile pic the legendary group T-ara, they have so many catchy songs.
            Most of the japanese music I like now are mostly from animes.