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  • Current Marriage Trends in Japan

    Unfortunately, Japan’s population is declining, and it has a direct relation to marriage. Since most of them are still traditional, no marriage also means no children and here are some of the probable reasons:
    1. Educated men prefer younger women or less educated. On the other hand, educated women doesn’t like less educated men. (More women are getting educated. lol)
    2. More educated women=many disliking marriage inequality
    3. Men do not like women who demands equal housework
    4. Women wants to marry late if not never
    5. Women prefers foreign men
    In short: It declined because women are getting wiser. (Makes you see a different perspective don’t you think?)

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    That is right Mashiiro. It's good that Japanese women are getting wiser and had enough of that "a wife should always walk not beside but behind her husband" lol


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      Tara4Eva True! I wish that they don't paint it as something negative tho. Most of the articles I've read depicts women being at fault for being educated that's why population and marriage is declining, but I wish they could see the others and blame men for their unreasonable expectation for women. I'd like to think that women should be educated.