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  • Not all Japanese are Polite!

    I got of the Beetle Ferry from South Korea at Fukuoka and caught a bus to the city, when I went to get off the bus I was a bit confused how to pay into the bus fare machine by the driver. I accidentally tried to put my change into what I think was a change dispenser and wow did the driver throw a wobbly at me, I thought at one stage he was going to get out of his seat and confront me! All the Japanese waiting at the stop to get on the bus were staring with wide eyes and not moving, thankfully I managed to get it right and got off the bus ... so much for Japanese politeness, what a tool

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    Sounds like you got unlucky with that bus driver, by far the majority of Japanese are very polite, maybe he had a bad day and took it out on you. I have been to Japan many times and my experience has been always very positive


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      I did get ignored once when I was trying to buy an ice cream, the Japanese girl behind the counter served other people, but when I was waiting at the counter she just pretended to be busy doing stuff. Eventually I got sick of waiting and just walked away, when I looked back she was serving a Japanese customer.
      This the exception though in Japan, most people are very welcoming


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        I was going through customs after arriving at Narita airport, a tall and quite attractive customs officer started checking through my luggage, she opened my bathroom bag and suddenly realised what is was, closed it quickly, she did a small bow and apologised for looking!

        When travelling this is the Japanese you are most likely to encounter

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          that lady selling ice cream didn't want to entertain you because she thinks she will have a hard time if she doesn't know english.