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  • What video games are popular in Japan?

    I know a lot about anime, and what's popular in Japan, and I know that video games must be pretty popular but I don't know what they like to play the most. I know Pokémon Go is popular (I mean, where isn't it, ha ha). Do they play a lot of Nintendo (like Zelda and Mario) because it's Japanese? Or do they like a whole bunch of other games?
    If you know a lot about games, are there any that are good for finding out stuff about Japanese history and culture?

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    During my travel during the year 2000 onwards, dance dance revolution and tekken was what played the most in arcades.


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      Cool, thanks Tara4Eva. I didn't even think about arcades. That's three different ways to play - arcade, phone and console. I wonder which is more popular?


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        Ever heard that song? "Video killed the radio star?" haha
        The same thing happened to arcades, "Console games killed the arcade star."
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