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  • Are Pokémon just ridiculous now?

    I have to admit, I'm not a huge Pokémon fan in the first place. Although I was the right age, I must have been the only one at school who didn't get sucked into the Pokémon card trend. My friends did though, so I know a bit about it, I can recognise some of the first generation and name them. I've even seen a bit of the anime, which is such a children's cartoon it hurts.
    Anyway, I've been thinking this for a while, but aren't the Pokémon designs getting a bit strange? I don't exactly keep up to date, but I've seen Pokémon that are basically piles of rubbish. If that's not scraping the bottom of the barrel, what is? And then there's these new "alola" Pokémon. I only know about them because I saw a weird Raichu on the side of a bus that was advertising the game. It's like fan art that someone made because they like Pokémon and Hawaii, like some kind of Moana or Lilo and Stitch crossover.
    Maybe I'm getting a bit too concerned about a bunch of pixels. What do you think about the new Pokémon - are they lacking in creativity?

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    All creators suffer that after a few years after their huge success, sorta like a brain drain.