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  • Tokyo is so congested, will it be able to accommodate everyone in Olympic 2020?

    After 56 years of having organized the Olympic Games, the Japanese capital, for the second time, will be hosting the summer edition. According to the organizers, this time the event will be organized in the most innovative way and it’s obvious that it will attract many foreigners during the peak time. There can be palpable question in mind about accommodating everyone as Tokyo is highly congested city.

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    To address the above mentioned issue, foreigners have started reserving the accommodation in advance. On the other hand, Japanese government has announced to convert 10,000 existing love hotels (which provide impermanent lodging facility for couples) in to regular accommodation facilities. Also, the government has requested Japan Finance Corp. to endow with adequate financial support for hotel renovations.

    Nearly 20 million foreigners visited Japan in 2015 and the government has set a target for 40 million for 2020 Olympics. Hope that every visitor will find accommodation.

    What you guys think?? Please share your views here…

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    I also think that it could be quite a squeeze! One of the reasons I don't actually want to go myself is the crowding. It's bad enough normally, and I've never even been on one of the sardine-style commuter trains!
    I guess that the athletes' accommodation is going to be counted separately, which might help the figures somewhat, but I'm sure some visitors will have to find a hotel further away and travel into Tokyo. Yokohama is fairly close, and I know at least one person who commuted into Tokyo from Yokohama for work!
    At least they're planning on improving the links to the airports, and I think the airports themselves. They are quite good at planning ahead in Japan, but I'll keep my fingers crossed anyway!


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      It would be interesting how they will be able to pull it off. I mean, I bet the hotels and other accommodations would be fully booked during the duration of the event. Sometimes, it would be best to stay with a friend or an acquaintance that live in Tokyo in order to secure a place to stay. On the other side, If there is a place at least an hour away by train (outside of Tokyo) then make the necessary arrangements as early as possible. I'm sure that the trains and other various methods of transportation would definitely be a "sardine packed experience". Prepare yourself to be squished like a pancake!