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  • If you hate smoking dont go to Japan!

    There's one thing that really annoys me about Japan, its the smoking.
    Trying to find a table in a restaurant or bar that doesnt have someone puffing smoke all over the place can be really hard.I asked for a non smoking table in one restaurant and they gave me a table with a red no smoking sign proudly displayed in the middle, but the table was about 1 metre from all the other smoking tables and their smoke!!!!

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    I had experienced same situation before, in some restaurant, smoking area and non-smoking area is just connecting.
    After went to Izakaya, my hair and cloths are full of smoking smell, yuck,
    But Starbucks coffee shop is free smoking, so it`s one of my favorite place.
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      standup guy , If so, what`s like in your country? It doesn`t happen in your place. I wonder,,
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        Of course it doesn't happen in my country, smoking is banned in restaurants, cafes bars etc. I like Japan apart from its smoking, and a lot of my friends feel the same way. Japan is like 20 years behind the rest of the world for smoking attitudes (it needs to change this before the Olympics in 2020)
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          standup guy, I see. I didn`t know that other countries are not like Japan.
          After hearing your opinion, bit ashamed of it,,.
          I also don`t like smoking, I hate that my hair is full of smoking smell after go to Izakaya.
          So, I always take a shower straight away after arrive home.
          so I hope Japanese restaurants also will be smoking free in near future.
          It`s good opportunities we can be smoking free society.


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            Originally posted by yoshi View Post

            After went to Izakaya, my hair and cloths are full of smoking smell, yuck,
            Agree, I really enjoy eating and drinking at an izakaya, but the smoking spoils the experience for me