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  • You can Hire a Kimono in Kyoto!

    When we were in Kyoto I saw lots of girls wearing Kimonos walking around the streets, they all looked so lovely and so colorful.
    They were mainly Japanese girls I think, but also a few western girls. I found out later that you can hire the Kimonos for a few hours and wander around the shops and temples in the Kyoto streets.
    Next time I go there I will definitely find a kimono hire shop and wear one myself

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    Yes, You can rental Kimono or Yukata in Kyoto easily.
    Only costs around $30-$40, the professional people dressed you kimono and you can hire
    Geta (kimono shoes) and bag as well.
    And they can keep your backpack while you are enjoying Kyoto city with Kimono.
    Actually, I went to Kyoto few months ago, and did wear kimono. It`s so fun and memorable.
    We took a lot of pictures with kimono, went to Temple, Shrine, and café as well.
    I used this shop, called WARGO, quite good, have lots of branch, but I am sure if you google Kimono rental in Kyoto. You can find out many other shops as well.
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      thank you so much Misaki very interesting, you say to hire a kimono only costs $30-$40 ... but how long is this for?


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        You can hire Kimono from 9am to 6pm with $30-$40 if you like.
        So, there is plenty time to go sightseeing with Kimono.
        But, wearing Kimono all day is bit too much, because, bit inconvenient to walk, go to toilet etc.
        So, in my case, I just enjoyed kimono walking about 3-4hours.
        You can see the details on website Wargo, and if you book online in advance, you can get discount,
        So less than $30. Good deal isn’t it!?
        If you want to have set up your hair for Kimono style, you can pay extra $10, the professional hairdresser makes your hair gorgeous.
        I didn`t ask hair set up this time, but I am planning to do it next time, because it makes prettier, fufu.


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          thanks again Misako, I can't wait to go back to Kyoto to wear a Kimono, I just love Kyoto so much its my most favorite place in Japan