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  • Are there Chopstick Rules I have to know?

    Im just starting to learn how to use chop sticks, someone told me that there are 'chopstick rules', things you shouldn't do with chopsticks, he couldnt give me any examples though, so maybe there are not any rules?

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    This might help you

    Click image for larger version

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      Wow, andy, it`s easy to understand.
      I did know the chopstick`s rules, but I didn`t know some of the name what it called.
      So, I relearned it.
      When foreigners are using chopsticks, I think it`s difficult follow all chopstick`s rules.
      However, You must not to do SASHIBASHI, HOTOKEBASHI, and HASHIWATASHI.
      As 3of them are related to Funeral and when people passed away.
      Worst thing is HASHIWATASHI, It`s only use for funerals, after burned body,
      Family and friends do HASHIWATASHI for pick up human`s bones.
      In Japan, Chopstick`s manner is highly regarded. So most of parents tried to teach chopstick`s rule to children when they are small.
      You might not believe though, even though who is working as a lawyer or something who has high level of job, if he or she is not good at chopstick`s manner, people are disrespect with them, but again, do not worry too much if you are foreigner.


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        This is super useful.


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          There are some rules I think that you don't have to be Japanese to know this:
          a. Don't use chopsticks to fight.
          b. Don't use it to poke a person's eye.