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  • Do you take a bath just for relaxing sometimes?

    I really love taking a bath. Sometimes, on weekends, I will take a bath 2times in a day with good smell bath salt. It gets rid of my stress feeling from work as well as makes my body warm.

    When I go to international trip, surprisingly many hotel doesn`t have bath tub, they only got shower.
    Is it common in western country? I am not talking about the hotel, in your usual life, you don`t take a bath? Don`t you feel you want to take a bath sometimes? Just wonder,,,as I can`t live without taking a bath.

    For Japanese, taking a bath is very very very important.
    Best thing is ONSEN(hot spring)
    But, we can`t go to ONSEN everyday, as we don`t have enough time and money.
    In that case, you can use this bath salt,which called `TABINO YADO(旅の宿) ` they imitated Japanese each region`s ONSEN.
    The colour and smell is different with each packet.
    If you have chance, please try them. Then you might know my feelings.
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    Going to an onsen was recommended to me by a Japanese student who stayed at our place, it sounds great and I will try when I go to Japan soon

    Can you help me Misaki are there rules I should know in the Onsen, Japan seems to have lots of unofficial rules to follow


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      Yes!! Go to ONSEN(hot spring) when you visit Japan is very good idea.
      Well, rules,,,as I am Japanese, everything is common sense for me, so let me think about it.
      At first, take off your shoes at reception area, and put your shoes in shoes locker.
      Then, you go to the changing room, take off all your clothes, and bring small towel for wash your body.
      You should wash and rinse your body before you get into the bath water. Also, you shouldn't put your towel in the bathing water.
      Some ONSEN has instructions with picture for foreigner. So easy to understand.
      Just look Japanese and try to copy them, you will be fine.
      Please share your opinion after you went to ONSEN in Japan. I am curious to hear about that.
      Well, one more important thing, you can`t go to ONSEN or Public bath if you have tattoo.
      It sounds like weird and old fashioned, however, in Japan TATOO= YAKUZA, so still many ONSEN and Public bath said someone who has tattoo in their body can`t use their facilities.
      So if you have only small tattoo somewhere, maybe you can put a band aid on your tattoo to try to hide it.

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        Here is an interesting webpage about onsen basics for the beginner Teodoro


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          I would love to go in these baths but public baths with other men? Nah! with ladies perhaps! haha
          The one I would really love to try is their hot spring baths. Those hot springs heated geothermally as I've only used hot tub water indoors.