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  • The Famous Robot Restaurant in Shinjuku

    I love everything about Japan and I've always wanted to visit it someday. Of course, there are a few places that are on top of my list among them are the famous Robot Restaurant in Shinjuku. From what I had browsed on the web, it seems that it's one of the most unique restaurant in the area. Have any of you personally visited the place? If so, is it really that amazing? I mean, I'm a big mecha fan and this is one of the reasons why I want to visit this restaurant. It's definitely on the top of my "Must Visit Places in Japan".

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    I never been there.Also, nobody my friends.
    But, I am also very interested in go to the robot restaurant.

    There are lots of robot as well as sexy girls.



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      Hi Louie!!

      I guess by this time you have visited the robotic restaurant as you seem to be pretty excited and even I am feeling the same. I have not been there but I heard about it. I would like to definitely visit but not on the top of my list as I am nature loving person… haha

      Hope I will have great experience.


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        Wow I love those sexy *robots* haha
        I guess the food there will be expensive, but as long as you enjoy the dancing *robots* it is worth it.
        Are alcoholic drinks even served there? Because drunk people will be trouble.