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  • Weirdest things I experienced in Japan !

    Hello everyone, There are a lot of things about Japan that can't be explained. The country is into bizarre traditions and weird old practices that have somehow transformed to modern day. To love Japan is not to understand it - it is to appreciate it for all the complicated, weird & wonderful things it has; without asking too many questions.

    Here are the 7 lists of weirdest facts which I have personally experienced in Japan.

    1. Watermelons are damn too expensive! 6000 Yen for a watermelon!!!

    2. You have to wear special shoes in the bathroom.

    3. You can often see people with uneven or “sniggle” fashioned teeth.

    4. Making Slurping sound, while eating noodle (soba), is a good thing in Japan.

    5. The work Karaoke means “empty orchestra” in Japanese (I totally embarrassed myself at the empty orchestra last night )

    6. There is literally a suicide forest in Japan.

    7. Falling asleep at work is a good thing (I can fake napping in future when I’ll work in some company :P)

    I hope all of you have too experienced some or all of it, if you are in Japan or have ever been here. I would like to learn and experience more weird things, please do share your experience.

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    8. Public toilets with no doors!



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      9. Penis Festival!
      10. Most of their commercials, Maybe?
      11. No robbers/thieves even when you leave everything in the middle of a crowded space.
      12. Officers pushing to compress people inside the train during rush hours.
      13. They get offended when you give the payment (of any kind, example restaurant, etc) by hand.
      14. Officer apologizing to people when the train gets delayed, even handing them an excuse letter for their company/school (that's amazing).
      15. Fans worshiping their favorite anime character (aka "Waifu" and "Husbando" in public).
      16. Extensive categorization of garbage/trash bins (maybe that's just in my country).
      17. Three kinds of writing, Katakana, Hiragana and Kanji.


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        18. Japanese game shows!

        tsubaki nakajima can you explain number 13.


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          Originally posted by dog lover View Post
          18. Japanese game shows!

          tsubaki nakajima can you explain number 13.
          haha yes their gameshows border from weird to fanservice to extremely sexual.

          I have read about that suicide forest, their government has put guards to patrol it but the forest is just so big that teens would just go around the patrols to evade them.


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            minervasirius Sorry if I'm not clear about number 13. I meant, whenever you're in the restaurant and asked for the bill, they will give it you with either a folder/plate with the receipt right? They expect you to place your payment there also, if you give them the money by hand, they usually get offended (that's what happened to my Aunt). I'm not sure why though. :/


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              I wouldn't say that Japan is particularly weird, just very different, although it can be really difficult to get used to using traditional Japanese toilets (!)
              I have heard about people asleep at work, although mostly at lunchtime. They also sleep during their commute! I think it's tolerated from older employees at other times, but younger ones probably wouldn't be favorably looked on if they kept doing it when they were supposed to be finishing a report or something. I guess that's why coffee is so popular!
              I have to say, tsubaki nakajima, that although separating trash isn't uniquely Japanese, I feel like the extent of it and the types of categories are quite different. At least, they're quite different from the UK. We have recyclable trash and non-recyclable trash, a garden waste collection in the summer, and in some cities a separate food waste collection. In Japan, I remember burnable and non-burnable, and another collection for glass, plastic, batteries, small household waste like pans. Oh, and one for cardboard. Wrapping up piles of cardboard with string was a different experience for me. I liked it when I had a paper bag to stuff it all into!