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  • Temple/shrine rules

    When I go to Japan I really want to visit some temples and shrines, but I've heard that there are certain rules you need to follow. There was something about water and ritual washing for a start. What do I do and is it the same for both temples and shrines? I don't want to upset someone just because I stepped into some forbidden area or something (my friend did that in a church once, and that was bad enough). Can I pray there or would that insult true believers?
    And one last thing - I read a bit about different good luck charms that you can buy at a temple/shrine. What sort of things can you get?

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    I guess you can purchase the famous fortune cat in Imado Jinja in Tokyo. This is also considered as the love shrine. There are actually two cat statues, male and female, in the shrine. They are joined together and these statues have attracted many tourists, especially those in romantic relationships. It is said that you'd get lucky in love if you have your photos taken with the two cat statues. If you are a cat lover, you'd never want to skip this place. Some people also visit the place to say prayers for smooth delivery of their baby. Others pray to get pregnant and for those who are single, they'd pray that they'd find their perfect match.


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      That sounds cool, iamnicole.
      Between this shrine, Cat Island and all the cat cafes, you could probably just visit Japan to go on some kind of cat odyssey, ha ha.