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  • What is Your Favorite Japanese Kit Kat?

    I'm sure almost everyone here is familiar with the phrase "Have a break, Have a Kit Kat". But did you know that in Japan there are many flavors of Kit Kat including wasabi flavor? For some reason, the Kit Kat craze became very popular in Japan and it sparked the birth of many different flavors aside from the original "chocolate flavor". Here are some of the flavors of Kit Kat in Japan starting with strawberry, citrus, pear, apple, soybean, sweet potato, japanese chili, cinnamon cookie, strawberry cheesecake, blueberry cheese cake, green tea, Hojicha roasted tea, brown sugar syrup, red bean sandwich, etc. Which flavor do you like best?
    Click image for larger version

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    (drooling right now)
    nomnomnom Green tea for me! Certified green tea kitkat lover here hahaha
    This explains it's the only kitkat in Japan that I've tasted. haha
    I didn't know there's a handful of flavors of these kitkat bars in Japan. And I'm really curios about the Wasabi kitkat. Does it really exist? haha I want to try one. Where can we buy these in Japan? Is it available everywhere or just some specific stores? Tell me please, I need to get my hands on those kitkat bars. Yum!
    Guys, which do you think is the best? And to those who have tried the wasabi flavor, how was it?


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      I was curious when I found it in a store, so I bought one. I like the green tea


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        I've had some Japanese kitkats that I bought online, but I've never seen so many in one place before. Cool photo, Louie!
        I want to try the citrus one - I like those kinds of flavours, like lemon. I don't know about the soybean one, it sounds very savoury, but I'll try anything once.
        I heard that there's a special Kitakat shop in Tokyo that does limited edition, posh flavours of kitkat. I'm going to go there one day. I hope it isn't too expensive.
        Have you seen the chunky kitkat flavours that they sell in Japan, too? Apparently this photo is cookies and cream, which sounds cool.

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          A friend of mine from Australia loves Wasabi Kitkat ever since a friend brought it home as a souvenir from Japan. As for the different flavors of Kitkat you will find them in most Department stores in Japan. For those "hard to get flavors", you might need to visit their "Kitkat Chocolate Factory" branches in Tokyo, Ikebukuro, Nagoya, Kyoto, Sapporo, Umeda, Fukuoka and Shinjuku. There are even limited edition flavors that only lasts for a month or two (seasonal flavors) so if you have a friend in Japan, ask them to send you some of these hard to get Japanese Kitkats!
          Click image for larger version

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            I'd say Sakura Flavor because, well, it is taste almost similar to the green tea but it has a different scent or maybe a little bit milder (I don't like anything bitter). Nonetheless, I am more curious on how many flavor there are and what's the weirdest of them all! Also, my second favorite will probably hazelnut because, you can never say no to a nutty chocolate flavor!