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  • What Japanese food do you most want to try?

    I was writing in another forum when I realised that I have a huge list of things that I want to eat when I finally go to Japan. What's on your list? What's at the top?
    It would be impossible for me to decide what's at the top of my list, but probably not sushi. I mean, I do want to eat proper Japanese sushi, but I've kind of had sushi already, so I really want to try something else first. I'd want to get something that I've never had before, and couldn't get anywhere but in Japan. A good okonomiyaki would be awesome.
    Then there's things like mochi. And all of the local food, that I don't even know the half of (it's on my list as "local food", ha ha).

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    Well there are a lot of things that I want to eat in Japan. Starting from Tonkatsu, Curry, Tempura, Udon, Takoyaki, Yakisoba, Sushi, Horse? (Yeah~ I'll try it), Okonomiyaki~ and the list goes on and on~ But if I were to choose only one food in Japan that would be... Japanese Gyoza (dumplings). Yes, I am really interested in eating on the restaurant called Osaka Ohsho because they boast that they have the title of "The king of Gyoza" and I would like to put their name to the test. I've read a few comments about this restaurant and some of them are saying that it is indeed delicious and I am very very... very tempted to pig out *cough* I mean, dine and taste their very popular "Tonkatsu + Gyoza Set". I'm getting hungry again.
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      I'm looking forward to eating Kobe beef and ramen. Kobe beef because I knew a lot of people who had gone there that can't shut up about it. I heard it taste really good! Ramen because of the ambiance, in my country, you can only eat ramen in a restaurant and usually its really expensive. I want to experience legit ramen in a street side settings, I heard other than being cheap, its also delicious. I want an ultimate ramen experience in Japan.


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        Oh man, tonkatsu and takoyaki and gyoza... And that photo, Louie, you're making me hungry, seriously.
        I don't know about kobe beef. Maybe for a special occasion, because it's expensive, right? But if I do, I'll have it in a nabe. Nothing like a good hotpot for a satisfying meal. It reminds me of good hearty stews on a winter's day.