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  • The Bunny Island of Japan - Okunoshima

    While I was browsing through the web, I stumbled into an interesting article about the bunny island of Japan. The island of Okunoshima is filled with these adorable and cute bunnies that will follow you around. Take note that if you start feeding one of them, they might come to you in droves. So feed them at your own risk! Of course, this island also have a dark history. During the war, the island of Okunoshima was a place where they produced "poison gas". Who would have thought that the island overflowing with cuteness was once a very dangerous area on which no tourist would even bother to visit? Today however, there are many tourists that come in droves to Okunoshima with the sole purpose of interacting, playing and at times allowing themselves to be buried by these lovable animals. I'd love to visit Okunoshima some day as well!

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    Oh my! that island will be overrun by rabbits.Tthere's a reason why energizer chose the rabbit as their mascot for ads because rabbits don't seem to lose energy. They breed like there's no tomorrow.


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      Hahaha after learning about the Cat Island so, there is also a Bunny Island in Japan? What about Dog Island since I love dogs? Kidding! Oh, I just remembered Hachiko, that cute dog. (I'm a dog person by the way, haha). So, if there's a dog island, do let me know. (wink)
      Bunny Island is quite interesting but, yeah, bunnies may be cute yet still might hurt you especially when you feed them in large number. The island also has a hotel where guests can spend the night and tour the island by bike. Plus, there's a golf course. And, who wouldn't love to swim in the clear water?


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        There are a lot of unique places in Japan like the cat island and bunny island. However, did you know that there is also the Miyagi Fox Village where you will find a sanctuary for foxes? Yes, this unique fox village houses 6 different species of fox and most of them are quite friendly to people (especially if you feed them). Of course, there are proper rules and guidelines that you must follow while inside the fox village and you better stick to those rules if you don't want to get hurt...or bitten *cough cough*.

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          Wow! Even foxes?! Are they all injected with anti-rabies? So it will be safe for visitors.


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            hahaha I cannot even think of this. Japan seems to be too friendly to animals which is good.
            Louie Do you happen to know if there's a dog island/village in Japan? Or, anything that's close to that?
            Anyway, are bunnies dangerous? I mean, do they bite hard?