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  • Disney Land VS Disney Sea

    Being an avid Disney fan, I'd love to experience both but since I only have a little time to visit Tokyo this time, I need to pick only one of these. I'm just wondering which of them do you like better since I just can't seem to decide which to pick. Disney Sea is only one in the world and most of the more adult rides (scarier ones) are there, not to mention Ariel is my favorite Disney Princess but unfortunately, the Castle and the fireworks is in Tokyo Disneyland. Other than that, most of the rides that I've grown to love is also in the Disney Land. How about you guys?

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    If ever I take my kids to either one, they won't notice which is which. As long as they enjoy, that's it.
    Kids will always be kids.
    For the fun adult rides, the ones at Disney SEA is the way to go.


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      I did a bit of research and looked up on Disney Sea. I guess if you want to have that unique experience, then going to Disney Sea might be a better idea. Of course, if you're going with the whole family then that will depend on "where will be more enjoyable for them". But personally if given the chance, I'll choose Disney SEA. They also have a wide variety of foods (which include alcoholic drinks for the adults) for those who want to enjoy great food while exploring all the nook and cranny of Disney Sea. The themed ports are also well thought out and makes you feel that you've stepped on a world outside of Japan. The Mediterranean Harbor, Mysterious Island, Mermaid Lagoon, Arabian Coast, Lost River Delta, Port Discovery and American Waterfront looks fantastic!
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        Since I've been to Hong Kong Disneyland, I guess going to Japan's Disney Sea is best. I'm pretty sure there is a lot of adventure rides to look forward to. But if I choose Disney Sea, can I still see Mickey and Minnie? Haha I'm such a fan. And, of course, I wanna see Elsa and Anna. I did not get the chance to do the meet and greet with them in Hong Kong because of the very long line which was time-consuming. And I guess Disney Sea is more tuned in for adults and Disneyland is for kids and young at heart.
        The photo of Louie above is just stunning. So, I'm picking Disney Sea when I get the chance.