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  • Cute mascots!

    So, the Olympic Games always has mascots for each city it takes place in, and Japan is really good at mascots. I'm hoping that they'll be really cute ones, maybe with a traditional nod, perhaps in their clothing choices. As long as they aren't like some of the really odd ones I've also seen. Personally, I like Sendai's Musubimaru, but it is a little strange in my mind to choose a rice-ball person as a mascot.
    Do you have a favorite mascot, or any ideas what the Tokyo 2020 ones might be? What about previous Olympic mascots? I liked the Rio ones, but I don't know what the UK committee was thinking when they created the mascots for London 2012. I can only apologize on behalf on my country for those...

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    Favorite mascots...Pikachu perhaps? Well I think having mascots in the Olympics will definitely raise the "fun factor" of the event since many people, especially the kids loves mascots. It would be nice if every team (each country) have their own mascots while waving their respective flags at the venue of the event. Of course, I can see that not happening but if it does, it would certainly be awesome. With that said, I hope i get the chance to wear a mascot costume and pose with people while they take pictures.


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      I think they only have to make one or two official male/female mascot then the rest would be the Icons like Mario, Hello Kitty etc.