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  • Is there anyone here looking forward for the Ice Skating Category at the Olympics?

    Since Grand Prix just ended last year (Early December), I'm curious if there's anyone (other than me) that's intrigued of which of them is going to join the olympics this year. For the female section, there's so many great Russian candidates (both from Junior and Senior category) that can make the cut for it since most of the comments regarding this season's grand prix that the juniors and seniors are almost of the same level. I'm still hoping Evgenia Medvediva (my anime loving figure skating queen) would be there but I'm also curious if Alina Zagitova (Junior Grand Prix Champion) would make it. On the other hand, for the male section, I wonder if Yuzuru Hanyu (Japanese Representative obviously) would still be there, or would it be Shoma or somebody else new. I'm crossing my fingers that it would still be Yuzu but he's already 25 or 26 bu then. And how come Japanese and Russians are so good in these sport? Their weather maybe?

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    For me the allure of ice skating is not that much until I watched an anime that features this winter sport. Since I lived in a tropical country, I never had the chance to try skating on ice. From an outsiders perspective it looks pretty interesting especially the various techniques that the players execute when its their turn to skate on the ice. I mean, I could never see myself doing those double and triple spins on the air and lands safely on the ground. These players look dazzling with their costumes as they dance on the ice along with the music. With that said, I wonder if ballet dancers are good in skating since they are quite flexible?


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      It's at Winter Olympics right?


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        Always loved Kim Yuna over her western counterparts.