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  • Some Fun Facts about the 2020 Olympic Games!

    Apparently, Japan is going all out to make sure that everything will be running smoothly since they won the privilege of hosting the Olympic Games for 2020. They even set aside a funding of 400 Billion Yen (around 3 Billion USD) in order to set up a stage worthy for the upcoming 2020 Olympic Games. I didn't even know that they added 5 new games in the Olympic criteria (namely Baseball, climbing, karate, skateboarding and surfing) until I did a little bit of research. I'm pretty sure that it will be a grand event! I think I'll need to start saving for the accommodations, travel expenses and ticket for 2020 games. How about you guys? Are you planning to watch it as well?

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    Louie I'm planning to watch it too! I'm just waiting for them to sell the tickets first before I plan on the places I should stay and go (2020 is a tad bit far after all). I heard they have different tickets on each events so I'm thinking of which sports I should go to (I'm pretty sure I'll watch figure skating though and both the opening and closing ceremony). I wish they have a ticket that was like a ride all you can though, but surely that would be really expensive. What are the events that you're planning to watch?


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      Japan is pretty good at organizing things, so I'm hopeful that the Games will go smoothly! I'm excited about what I've read so far, about the symbolism in the emblem and the environmental concerns that they're taking on board (these are in other threads, by the way! )
      I don't know about going to see it though. As with any big event, the crowds will probably be a bit too much for me. I'll be sticking to the TV, or what I can watch due to the time difference. The evening events will be in the morning, so during work? Time to set the digital recorder! I wonder when exactly it will take place? The last Games in Tokyo were in September/October sometime to avoid the worst of the summer weather. In fact, a lot of school sports event take place around then, it's a really good time of year for it.
      In any case, I love to watch the Opening and Closing ceremonies, and I quite enjoy gymnastics. Other than that, anything that the UK seems to be doing well in?


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        Indeed, I am looking forward to watch the opening ceremony as well. I wonder what kind of preparation are being made by each country to make their parade more exciting to watch. I can just see the different colors of their uniforms, flags, and their appeal to make their home country proud of them. As for the events hmm... gymnastics is nice, skating too and don't forget the new added games like surfing. I want to watch them all and if possible, I want to records the events that I will miss during the duration of the event. As much as I want to watch them all, that's not really possible unless I ask someone to record them. Hope the 2020 Games would be fantastic!