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  • Can Japan get more golds?

    Before more countries got involved, and got really serious about the Olympics, Japan did pretty well in the medal tables. I think when they last held the Games that they came third? I'm not sure where they came at Rio, but I know that they did well in wrestling and judo. Karate will be added for the 2020 Games, which is an event that Japan could potentially do well in. Add the "host country" effect that I've read about, which seems to boost the medal count of the host (maybe it's the home crowd?), do you think that Japan can increase their gold medals next time around?
    I would mention other sports or particular athletes, but I'm not very knowledgeable about sports! I know there are other sports being added, such as surfing. Are there any really talented Japanese surfers that I should watch out for heading up to 2020? I'd love to find out more from someone who is far less clueless than I am!

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    yes home crowd does help a lot. and some will say also biased officiating. wisih this olympics will really be fair not unlike the previous ones which were politically motivated.


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      Japan has been a very strong contender in the olympics and since they are playing on their "Home Turf" I'm sure that their players will give their best to win more gold to honor their country. Of course, I'm pretty sure that the same can be said for the other countries who will participate in the 2020 games. I think that Japan can easily be on the top 5. I'm interested as well for the new games that were added on the olympics. I wonder how will they be able to judge surfing? Perhaps the one who will be able to perfectly ride a way gets more points compared to others.


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        Well, there are plenty of other surfing competitions around the world, Louie. I imagine that the rules will either be the same or they'll be a modified version of what's already used. I'm more intrigued by how they can plan a competition around something that requires the right weather conditions...

        Tara4Eva, I thought that the Olympics were a lot fairer these days. Is that not the case??


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          I do believe Japan can get more gold. As is the case mostly when you are the host, because you will be able to field more players hence higher chances of getting medals. You don't have much travel cost as compared to going to another country.