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  • Sports that will debut in Tokyo 2020

    These are the sports that will debut in Tokyo 2020 Olympics :

    1. Karate
    2. Skateboarding
    3. Surfing
    4. Sport climbing

    All of them are good, but I'm not too sure about skateboarding. How about you guys? What are your opinions about this?

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    Actually, I'm a little bit confused about this, some of them are claiming that there's five (baseball included) and I've read an article that there's eight that will be added, mainly:baseball/softball, bowling, karate, roller sports, sport climbing, squash, surfing, and wushu. Did they cut some of it or were they disapproved? Also, if they did just pick five out of eight, how did skateboarding (not that I'm saying its unworthy or not hard) win over (i don't know, more formal sports?) Wushu , Squash or Bowling?


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      I've actually read that 5 sports have already been approved by IOC (International Olympic Committee).
      1. baseball/softball
      2. karate
      3. skateboard
      4. sports climbing
      5. surfing
      And I have to agree with your guys, this may not be the right time for skateboarding to be included. However, the committee has already decided and we just have to wait and see the outcome of the event. Skateboarding has been approved because it aims to draw more youth to be inclined with sports. Plus, a younger audience of the games is a great way to get them involved with other sports too. The contest will feature men's and women's division for street and park events.


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        I'm pretty certain that there are 5 new sports for 2020, the ones that blue shoes said - you can check the official Youtube channel, they have a video about it.
        Perhaps the other sports are like exhibition sports? I know that in the past sports have been added to show off a country's culture, or just for fun. I think I'd quite like to watch roller sports, though, tsubaki nakajima!

        Skateboarding isn't particularly my thing, but I don't see why not to include it. It's a bit like snowboarding, and they have that at the Winter Olympics...


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          i want more sports included. it will be great for those athletes dedicated to their sports.


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            blue shoes Oh, so that's why they included that! Thank you! I didn't see it that way.
            Sakurahime As much as I'm okay with skate boarding, it just doesn't scream "Japan" to me. And they're supposed to some sport in relation to their culture right? (But following that train of thought, why am I not questioning surfing tho?) I dont really know :|


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              This would be a dream come true for the likes of Tony Hawk and others who have dedicated their lives to skateboarding.