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  • Tokyo 2020 and social media

    I've been looking around for information about Tokyo 2020, and I stumbled across some social media posts. It makes sense in this day in age, but I hadn't really thought about looking on Youtube or Twitter before. But there's a team already posting stuff, even if the Twitter feed is mostly retweets from the main Olympic account...(!)
    I do like the Youtube channel, though. There are some great videos already, as professional as you would expect and they left me with quite a positive feeling. Most of them appear to be in Japanese at the moment however... That makes me wonder - can people who don't understand Japanese get as much out of them? I'd be interested to know.
    As it's early days, there isn't a lot of content on their social media yet, but I'm looking forward to more as we get closer. What do you want to see more of? I quite like short interviews with athletes, and introducing the areas where the events will take place, and Tokyo in general.

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    Japan has always been a "SHIMA-KUNI" - A closed country. Tokyo 2020 Olympics is opening up the doors of Japan for the world. I, personally, would like to know more about Japan, by the route of Olympic games.

    Of course, the language is a big barrier. If Japanese people are posting on social media about olympic games, I would not be able to read it as I do not read/write Japanese. I wish, they could post more information in English. That would not only help people to know more about games, but also about Tokyo and overall Japan.


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      I agree about the language barrier. Since the 2020 Olympic games is just a few years away, it's only natural that the Japanese Government will advertise a bit to make sure that people are aware of the upcoming grand event. However, most of the information would probably be in Japanese so we wouldn't be able to get the most recent information about the olympics. But then again, there will always be someone who understands the language and will tell their friends about it. That way, more people will be able to post it in social media and help inform people (especially those who don't understand the Japanese Language) about the 2020 Olympics that will be held in Japan.


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        I hope their will be many livestream for sports that happen at the same time in different venues.