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  • Whats the most odd, crazy, or weird thing that has happened to you traveling in Japan

    Hi everyone, Japan can be such a crazy place at times, I would be interested to hear all your odd, crazy, or weird things that have happened to you while...
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  • Unlimited Travel on JR Railways “Don’t leave home without one”

    If there is one thing I would highly recommend for your travels around Japan, it’s the Japan Rail Pass. While the initial cost may seem high, you will more than save big dollars if your Japan plan is to have a good look around the place. If you intend to travel more than 5-6 hours on a Shinkansen bullet train it will cost you more (probably a lot more!) without a Japan Rail Pass. Let me start with a few facts about the pass then I will get into the practical benefits. Firstly, you have to buy an exchange order for the Rail Pass before you enter Japan. Don’t think you will be able to pick one up if you need it after you get there, it’s too late! You purchase the Japan Rail Pass exchange order in your home country and then after arriving in...
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  • mexican lass
    started a topic The Japan Rail Pass, is it Worth it?

    The Japan Rail Pass, is it Worth it?

    I keep hearing about a Japan Rail Pass, should I buy one, do any others have experience using one of these? They seem quite expensive for a train ticket...
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  • Misaki
    started a topic Commuter Train

    Commuter Train

    Has anyone experience to taking commuter train in the morning in Tokyo?
    What do you think about it?
    I just wonder is it common only in Japan?...
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    Last edited by Misaki; 20th August 2016, 03:02 AM.

  • Celinda84
    started a topic English Signs at Train Stations

    English Signs at Train Stations

    What's it like travelling around Japan on the train, I was thinking mainly about if there are english signs at the stations or not?
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  • chocolate box
    started a topic Phone on Silent on the Bullet train?

    Phone on Silent on the Bullet train?

    hi, when travelling on the bullet train I was told that you should put your mobile on silent mode and if you answer a call, to go to the space between...
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